Level 3

Level 3 is all the gateway level 3 processing information for processing. Level 3 processing is not supported by most gateways and if the gateway does support level 3 processing this feature needs to be turned on so the information will be processed.

Object Data

Variable Type Required Format/Example
first_name string yes Joe
last_name string yes Smith
company string yes John Smith's Body Shop
address_1 string 12345 Simulated St.
address_2 string For apartment/unit/suite #'s, eg. "Unit 2".
city string Toronto
state string The state/province/region of the customer. For the US and Canada, this must be supplied as the two letter abbreviation, eg. "ON"
country country The ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code of the customer's country, e.g. "CA", "US".
postal_code string The zip or postal code of the user, e.g. "A1B2C3", "90210".
email email A valid email address for the customer.
phone string 1-555-555-0000

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