Frequently Asked Questions

What is an API?

An API, or Application Programming Interface, is a way for programmers to write software that communicates with other software. In this case, the ReceivePay API allows web developers to communicate with ReceivePay to handle credit card or e-check / ach payments across multiple gateways and websites. ReceivePay takes care of a lot of the hassle of web payments and thus makes web developers' lives easier.

I'm still confused, who should I talk to?

Any intermediate or advanced web developer should have experience with XML-based Web API's and thus have the knowledge to integrate ReceivePay into your website. Contact a web developer or ReceivePay to find a developer for your project. Or, better yet, there may be a plugin already out there that harnesses the power of ReceivePay and integrates it with your website's platform (ie. no development fees!).

Where do I find my API ID and Secret Key?

You can view these in the control panel under Settings > API Access. They should be kept secure at all times.

My Secret Key isn't secret anymore, what should I do?

You should immediately regenerate your API access credentials in the control panel and update your plugin software to use these new credentials. Anyone attempting to access your account via the old credentials will not be able to. You should also update your account password as an added security measure.

How do I know what format to send my requests in? Which variables are required?

This API documentation contains a list of all API Methods and the request data that must be sent with them. Any non-required fields can be left out of the request. If you miss a field, you will receive an error.

Most of the methods also include an example request to help you, though these often include non-required fields. ReceivePay is meant to be as simple as possible for programmers to use so look to see if the information you are sending is actually required.

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