Error Codes

The system attempts to generate helpful error codes that help you fix/improve your application. A comprehensive list of all error codes is below:

Code Text
1000 Invalid request.
1001 Unable to authenticate.
1002 Invalid request type.
1004 Required fields are missing for this request
1005 Gateway type is required.
1006 Invalid format passed. Acceptable formats: xml, php, and json.
1007 Invalid country.
1008 Invalid email address
1010 A secure SSL connection is required.
1009 Unspecified error in request.
1011 Invalid time zone.
1012 For USA and Canada addresses, a valid 2-letter state/province abbreviation is required.
2000 Client is not authorized to create new clients.
2001 Invalid External API.
2002 Username is already in use.
2003 Password must contain only letters and numbers and be greater than 5 characters in length.
2004 Invalid client ID.
2005 Error contacting payment gateway.
2006 Only administrators can create new Service Provider accounts.
2007 Invalid client_type.
3000 Invalid gateway ID for this client.
3001 Gateway ID is required.
3002 Client ID is required.
4000 Invalid customer ID.
4001 Invalid charge ID.
5000 A valid Recurring ID is required.
5001 Start date cannot be in the past.
5002 End date cannot be in the past
5003 End date must be later than start date.
5004 A customer ID or cardholder name must be supplied.
5005 Error creating customer profile.
5006 Error creating customer payment profile.
5007 Dates must be valid and in YYYY-MM-DD format.
5008 Invalid credit card number
5009 Invalid amount.
5010 Recurring details are required.
5011 Invalid interval.
5012 A valid description is required.
5013 This transaction requires a billing address. If no customer ID is supplied, first_name, last_name, address_1, city, state, postal_code, and country are required as part of the customer parameter.
5014 Error cancelling subscription
5015 You cannot modify the plan_id via UpdateRecurring. You must use ChangeRecurringPlan to upgrade or downgrade a recurring charge.
5016 Recurring billings cannot be updated for this gateway. You must cancel the existing subscription and create a new one.
5017 Gateway is disabled.
5018 This gateway requires customer information to be processed. Please include a customer_id of an existing customer or a customer node with new customer information in your request.
5019 This gateway requires the purchasing customer's IP address. Please include a customer_ip_address node in your request.
5020 This gateway does not allow refunds via the API.
5021 Only active gateways can be updated with new credit card details.
5022 This subscription is free - updating credit card details is futile.
5023 The new gateway you have chosen requires customer information but this customer record currently doesn't exist. Please use UpdateCustomer to add full customer details for this user before calling UpdateCreditCard.
6000 A valid Charge ID is required.
6001 A valid Customer ID is required.
6002 A valid Recurring ID is required
6003 Nothing to update.
6005 Error updating Recurring details.
6006 A valid Plan ID is required.
7000 Invalid plan type.
7001 Invalid Plan ID.
7002 Invalid Free Trial amount.
7003 Invalid occurrences amount.
8000 Invalid Email Trigger.
8001 A valid Email ID is required.
8002 Email body must be encoded.

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