Coupons are codes included in either a Charge or Recur request that do one of the following:

  • Reduce the payment amount (for single charges)
  • Reduce the initial payment amount (for recurring charges)
  • Reduce the recurring payment amount (for recurring charges)
  • Reduce both the initial/recurring charge amounts (for recurring charges)
  • Add/modify the free trial (in days) (for recurring charges)

Coupon values can be either a percentage of the current amount being charged or a set dollar amount.

They can also be limited specific plans.

Using Coupons

To use coupons, you must first define coupons in your control panel.

After that, simply send a coupon node in your XML Charge or Recur request. It will automatically be validated and modify the payment accordingly.

Charge/Recur Responses

When a coupon code is used, ReceivePay will adjust the amount, recurring amount, free trial, etc. on its end. However, some applications may require that these adjusted values be stored locally. For this reason, the following additional parameters will be now returned in a Charge and Recur API requests:

  • Charge
    • amount - The (possibly adjusted) amount of the payment.
  • Recur
    • amount - The (possibly adjusted) amount of the initial charge.
    • recur_amount - The (possibly adjusted) amount of the recurring charge.
    • free_trial - The (possibly adjusted) number of days before the first charge.
    • start_date - The (possibly adjusted) start date for the subscription.

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