Process "Good Funds", Electronic eCheck, Credit Card, ACH & Paper Check 1

    "Back-end" Dashboard.
         Monitor all Merchant payment processing
         ~ Real-time
    Powerful Online Real-Time Reporting
    Recurring Debits and Credits
    Batch File Processing
    Email Invoicing Credit Cards & ACH
    Process ACH & Paper Check Transactions
    Card Reader and Check Scanner Integration
    ACH Check-by-Phone
    Recurring ACH Debits & Credits
    One-Time ACH Debits & Credits
    High Risk ACH Processing
    Online Credit Cards & ACH from your

    ISO, SSL and PCI DSS Certified
    Integrates directly (not a sync program!) with QuickBooks® software ~ Works with 2007 - 2015 QuickBooks Online, Pro, Premier and Enterprise editions!
    Check our QuickBooks Payment Processing

Electronic Checks - Never leave your office to Deposit Checks!

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Accept Credit Cards, ACH, Paper Checks, One-Time & Recurring Payments
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